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Learn Calm and Carry On -January and February 2014

Wednesday 26 February 2014 Wednesday 26 February 2014
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Learn Calm and Carry On resumes on 6 March. LCCO gives you a chance to learn by experience meditation for wellness. Whatever your background and beliefs you should find it accessible. The sessions are constructed mindful of research into meditative practices, relaxation, and mental health and well-being.  In March: Thursday 6 12.10pm Monday 10, 1.10pm Tuesday 18, 1.10pm […]

Celtic Advent -and a calendar for it

Thursday 14 November 2013 Thursday 14 November 2013
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What is ‘Celtic Advent’? The Celtic church in the British Isles, before the Church traditions based on Roman usage became the norm, used to have a forty-day Advent (taking the model of Lent as a season of preparation). Given that  Advent in the West nowadays seems to have been largely sucked into Christmas, some people […]

Archbishop Rowan William’s speeches on Higher Education

Monday 21 May 2012 Monday 21 May 2012
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The CofE’s HE people looked through all Archbishop Rowan’s speeches and publications and found some about Higher Education. See list below  Oxford uni commemoration day sermon 20th June 2004  What is a University? 13th  October 2006  Faith, Reason and Quality Assurance: Having Faith in Academic Life 21st  February 2008  Lecture at Rikkyo Gakuin Uni, Japan  21st […]

Hello world!

Friday 22 July 2011 Friday 22 July 2011
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Welcome to our blog. The idea is that there will be pages for events, discussions, information and all sorts of goodies related to faith, life-stances, spirituality, community and general honest-to-goodness stuff. As you’ll see from the side-bar, we have web presences in other places. This one’s for stuff that’s less newsy, more likely to be […]